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File extension ZDP is commonly associated to the files created by DesignPro Label software. The application allows users to create and print customized mailing labels, business cards, and other images. Avery DesignPro is compatible on cross-platform environment including Mac and Windows. Compatible applications require different sets of system requirements to be installed.

Avery DesignPro software makes image labeling easy with its built-in template and mail merge feature. The sequential number feature also helps users monitor the number of prints to be created. Templates for other applications such as PhotoShop and Word are also available for download. These templates allow a user to use the same format on other applications. Unfortunately, there have been several issues when users of templates for third party applications encountered issues in printing their products.

Importing of files from scanners and digital cameras with extensions File extension BMP, File extension JPG, File extension GIF, File extension IMG, and other image files can be done through the application. These imported files can be integrated to the design and saved as a ZDP file. Quality of the print will be dependent on the quality of the imported file.

Converting ZDP files to other formats is quite impossible. Taking a screenshot of the file can de considered an alternative in converting ZDP file into order formats. However, the quality and the capability of editing the images and text may not be possible. To create a screenshot, the basic "PrintScreen" command can be done and pasting the copied file in to other image authoring application such as Paint, PhotoShop, FireWorks, and other applications.

Avery DesignPro for both operating system platforms can be downloaded for free at the manufacturer's website. For Windows platform, systems supported include Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows ME. On Mac platform, Avery DesignPro can be installed on systems with operating system Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard.

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